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5 Ways You Can Connect Your Business With Professionals in the Design Industry

Business success is said to be much more about who you know, than what you know, and the saying holds some weight. It’s true that effectively networking and building connections with other professionals in your industry helps to lift the profile of your business and promotes your success. Perhaps your company manufactures building supplies or home fixtures and you want to get local interior designers more interested in your products. Or perhaps you’re a contractor looking for a designer to work with and refer to for home remodel projects to offer your clients ‘the total package’ when renovating their homes. Here we look at 5 ways businesses in the design and building industry can connect, network and work together more effectively.

truss-1731118_1920Support Local Interior Design Groups

One of the keys to efficiently and successfully build connections that will be beneficial to your business is ensuring you take a targeted approach. If you are looking to connect and build relationships with interior designers, contact a group that is a source for many local interior designers. Chances are there are interior design schools or design legislation groups in your area that you can connect with, sponsor, or advertise with in order to give your business targeted exposure to that professional group.

Represent Your Business at Conferences

Another place you can easily target a large number of interior designers is at trade shows or conferences, such as the IIDA LA Leaders Breakfast, being held September 18th 2016, in Los Angeles. This is a great opportunity to outreach to local and national designers with your innovative products or services, and promote brand awareness for your business to a large number of design industry professionals, all at one time.

Use Local Business Networking Groups

If your goal is to work closely with a smaller number of more locally based designers, getting involved in local business networking groups or participating in design or construction meet ups and events can help expose you to a range of local professionals and build business connections. Networking group meet ups could even be ongoing events that help you build relationships with a range of professionals in the design industry and help you find the ideal interior design associate to work with.

Reach Out One on One

Perhaps you’ve noticed a great design professional’s previous work, or you’ve seen their blog, website or portfolio online. Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask if they twitter-292994_1920are interested in meeting up or developing a business relationship.

Boost Your Social Media

Part of getting business contacts excited to work with you involves having a great online presence, and reaching out to a range of professionals in your industry through a great, user friendly website and awesome social media campaigns. Help your contacts stay in touch by being easy to contact online, and keep your associates up to date with news and events in your business through Facebook, Twitter and your blog.

Creating effective business partnerships and networking with some of the best designers in your area doesn’t have to be difficult with these tips to promote your brand and connect your business with leaders in the interior design industry.


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