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  • Legislation: March 6, 2017
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Here at CLCID we are looking forward to and preparing for the 2017 California Council for Interior Design Certification (CCIDC) Sunset Review. We will be monitoring this review to make sure that all Interior Designers will continue to have the right to practice in California.


The California Council for Interior Design Certification (CCIDC) Sunset Review Oversight Hearing will be held March 6th 2017, 9 am, in Room 4203 of the State Capitol


All Designers are welcome to view the hearings. There will be 30 minutes for public and professional comment. Let us know if you are interested in attending. Mollyanne Sherman:, President of CLCID or Linda Panattoni:, Legislative Advocate of CLCID.

This review reassures the legislature that CCIDC has been carrying out its duties and responsibilities in accordance with BPC 5800 and to renew the certified interior designer Title Act for another five years.

The hearing by the Senate Business and Professions Committee and the Economic Development Assembly Committee on Business and Profession will hold a joint sunset review oversight hearing on March 6th in Room 4203 of the State Capitol starting at 9am to review 7 boards including California Council of Interior Design Certification. CCIDC is slated last on the list.


Some of the issues that will be addressed have been addressed in the past but are again being brought up for clarification.


Legislation: Sunset Review


NEW ISSUE #1:  Acceptance of Stamp

The issue relates to a lack of uniform consistency of accepting plans stamped by CIDs for permitting purposes across all building officials and permitting jurisdictions in California. There is a disconnect amongst building officials when they interpret not only the certified interior designer law, but also the exemptions within the architect’s practice act and the reference to those exemptions within the certified interior designers law. Section 5538 of the architect’s practice act, along with the California Building Standards Code (CBC) is referenced in BPC § 5805 of the certified interior designers statute.


The word “safety” has become the bone of contention for building officials when trying to reconcile the certified interior designer statute with BPC § 5538 as contained within said statute BPC § 5800(a). Because BPC § 5538 is mentioned in BPC 5800(a) building officials refer back to that statute when making a determination on the acceptability of the interior design plans for building permit purposes.


There is no definition in either statute for the word “safety” in this regard so the building official makes this determination often before even reviewing the interior design plans and sometimes rejecting them out of hand because they do not contain a licensed architect or engineer’s stamp


Proposed Solution

CCIDC proposes that amendments be made to BPC § 5800 that clarify exactly what certified interior designers can and cannot do.


  1. As used in this chapter:

“Certified interior designer” or the initials “CID” as used in this context shall means an Occupations Title Standard for a person who meets all of the following requirements:

(1) Prepares and submits non-structural and non-seismic plans

and documents consistent with Sections 5805 to local building departments that are of sufficient complexity so as to require the skills of a licensed contractor to implement them, and that require a building permit.

(2) Engages in programming, planning, designing, and documenting the construction and installation of non-structural and non-Seismic conventional and standard construction elements, finishes, veneers, furnishings and the administration of construction observance and installation thereof.

(3) Provides plans and documents that illustrate non-structural and non-seismic conventional and standard partition layouts, horizontal exiting, rated corridors, reflected ceiling plans and lighting orientation, locate power and communications outlets, materials and finishes and furniture, including storefronts, interior alterations, fixtures, millwork, appliances and equipment for all buildings as described in 5537 and 5538, including but not limited to high-rise office and high-rise residential buildings.

(4) Engages in coordination and collaboration with other allied design professionals who may be retained to provide consulting services, including but not limited to architects, structural, mechanical, and electrical engineers, and various specialty consultants.

(5) Within the interior spaces of a building, and has Demonstrates, by means of education, experience and examination, the competence to protect and enhance the health, safety, and welfare of the public.

(6) The certification of Interior Designers does not prohibit Interior Designer or Interior Decorator services by any person or retail activity.

(7) Nothing in this statute shall preclude local building officials who have jurisdiction over any project as required by the California Building Standards Code from determining the requirements or qualifications of who can submit such documents in order to procure a building permit.


  1. Nothing in this chapter shall preclude Certified Interior Designers

or from submitting non-structural, non-seismic conventional and standard construction interior design plans for commercial or residential buildings to local building officials, as provided for in Sections 5537 and 5538. In exercising discretion with respect to the acceptance of interior design plans, the local building official shall reference the California Building Standards Code and the Occupational Title Standard set forth in Section 5800(a)


NEW ISSUE #2: Clarification of BRC 5811

CCIDC would like to request that either BPC § 5811 be removed in its entirety, or that it be amended as follows: 5811. An interior design organization issuing stamps under Section 5801 shall provide as and when Required to the Joint Committee on Boards, Commissions, and Consumer Protection by September 1, 2008, a report that reviews and assesses the costs and benefits associated with the California Code and Regulations Examination IDEX California examination and explores feasible alternatives to that examination.


NEW ISSUE #3 Little Hoover Commission

LHC Executive Summary: The general premise of the report is that licensing is not always the best option in order to protect the general public, because it creates barriers to employment and raises consumer prices, and that there are “alternative regulatory approaches that might be adequate to protect public health and safety, including, but not limited to, professional certification”. (LHC Report #234 Page 7) CCIDC has offered that alternative in California for the past 25 years, and there are now at least 4 other “private non profit” certification boards modeled after CCIDC.

“Certification or registration allows practitioners to demonstrate they meet certain standards of quality or allows the state to know certain types of businesses are operating without barring people from the occupation”. (LHC Report #234 Page 5)


CLCID BOARD MEETING: March 20, 2017 9:00AM Hyatt Regency Newport Beach CA



CALBO ANNUAL MEETING: March 20-23, 2017 8:30AM-12:00PM


Like last year CLCID will be attending the California Building Officials Annual Meeting. We will have a booth in their Exhibitor Area. Help us man the booth and get to know the Building Officials. There are also a lot of workshops with great speakers to take advantage of while you are at the conference. Check out their

clcid dl febCALBO’s 55th Annual Business Meeting:

Hyatt Regency Newport Beach
1107 Jamboree Rd
Newport Beach, CA 92660

Thursday, March 23, 2017: Job Fair and Career Development Day 



            Northern California Classes

            Friday March 3l, 2017  Part 1 ( 2pm – 6pm)

            Saturday April 1, 2017 Part 2 (9am – 5pm)

            MAC Design @ The Studio

            48860 Milmont Drive Ste 101C         

Freemont, CA

            Southern California Class

            April 8, 2017  (8am-5pm)

            Mode Distributing LLC

            4945 E Hunter Ave Anaheim, CA

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