CLCID DirecLink newsletter June 2013 (2)

SB-308 Proposed Amendments:
Very Detrimental to ALL Interior Designers

On June 14, without any interior design stakeholder involvement, the legislature showed us proposed amended language for SB-308 and it’s DISASTROUS for Certified Interior Designers and for non-certified designers including those doing kitchens and baths!At the last Sunset Review hearing, the legislature promised to hold stakeholder meetings with interior designers and other industry groups to reach consensus on acceptable language to allow CID’s and ALL Interior Designers to provide and submit their interior design drawings to local building departments.

These stakeholder meetings have NOT taken place and now, the June 14 proposed amendments to SB-308 are WORSE than our current law!

The proposed amendments appear to have been greatly influenced by the architectural profession for their benefit and at our expense. WE CANNOT ACCEPT THESE CHANGES!

For over 20 years, building officials have asked for clarification of what interior design plans are. SB-308 as amended on May 2, 2013 contains much of the language that would help building officials. This language is acceptable to ALL Interior Designers; Commercial, Residential, Kitchen & Bath. This is what we need.

The proposed June 14, 2013 amendments will tell building officials even LESS about what interior designer plans are, than our original 1990 CID law, and will do great harm to the Interior Design profession in California.

WE NEED YOUR HELP AND YOUR DESIGN ASSOCIATIONS HELP TO KEEP SB-308 ON TRACK! We need SB-308 (the May 2, 2013 version) to remain intact!

Please tell Sacramento that the June 14, 2013
proposed amendments are NOT acceptable!
This is the most important thing you can do this year
to protect your profession and help your future!

If you are Certified, not Certified, or you are a student or educator this issue affects you too! This proposed language affects ALL “unlicensed individuals including and not limited to, kitchen and bath designers. See proposed amendment 5805 (c).Please stand together.

E-MAIL OR FAX THE ATTACHED SAMPLE LETTER by Monday, June 24, 2013 toAssemblymember Richard Gordon, Chair of the Assembly Business, Professions and Consumer Protection Committee.

This is our ONLY window of opportunity this year to fix our statute!If these proposed amendments are allowed to be passed into law, thus gutting CCIDC’s Sunset Review efforts to resolve our practice problems, then it’s only a matter of time before all exemptions for interior designers are removed, and our right to practice will be eliminated, just like it was in 1986.

YOU Can MAKE A Difference:

*Attend the Hearing and make your voice heard on TUESDAY, JUNE 25, 2013

Business, Professions And Consumer Protection
Richard Gordon, Chair
9 a.m. – State Capitol, Room 447
Committees: Business, Professions and Consumer Protection
(Listen to this hearing)
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