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SB308 Sunset Review Bill:
California Council for Interior Design Certification (CCIDC)

Last month SB308 moved through the legislative process as follows:

April 29th: Joint Legislative Sunset Review Committee passed the Bill extending the sunset until 2018. It was sent on to the Senate Appropriations Committee with the recommendation to the Stakeholders to hold a meeting to further discuss the issues of concern for possible amendments to the Bill.

May 2nd: Amended as follows:
Bill No:  SB308
Author:  Price (D), et al.
Amended:  5/2/13
Existing law:
1. Authorizes a certified interior designer, as defined, to obtain a stamp from an interior design organization, as defined, that uniquely identifies the designer and certifies that he or she meets certain qualifications and requires the use of that stamp on all drawings and documents submitted to any governmental agency by the designer, and repeals these provisions on January 1, 2014.

This Bill:
1. Revises the provisions of the Interior Design Law by:
A. Including in the definition of “certified interior designer” that a certified interior designer provides plans and documents that illustrate partition layouts, horizontal exiting, rated corridors, reflected ceiling plans and lighting orientation, location of power and communication outlets, materials, finishes, furniture, interior alterations, fixtures, millwork, appliances and equipment, and engages in coordination and collaboration with other design professionals who may be retained to provide consulting services, including  architects, engineers, and other specialty consultants.
B. Requiring a certified interior designer to use a written contract that includes specified information when contracting to provide interior design services to a client and specifies that nothing in these provisions prohibit interior design or interior decorator services by any person or retail activity.
C. Requiring all meetings of an interior design organization to be subject to the open meeting requirements applicable to state agencies.
D. Making it an unfair business practice for any person who does not hold a valid certification to use a term such as “licensed,” “registered” or “CID,” that implies  or suggests that the person is a certified interior designer.
E. Extending, until January 1, 2018, the provisions relating to interior design.

If you want to view the Bill and see the legislative process, go to and Bill Search SB308.

May 7th: California Architects Board. The main concern from the Architects is the issue concerning the definition of what an interior designer can do as stated in statute 5537 and 5538 of the Architects Practice Act. They voted to oppose SB308 due to the expanded definition of a Certified Interior Designer.  SB308 more clearly defines what a CID can do as agreed upon, by the architects, 20 years ago. The CA Architects Board also opposed the expanded meaning of a Certified Interior Designer (CID) to mean the same as a Registered Interior Designer (RID) in order to satisfy the CA Building Codes’ definition of registered design professional as an architect or engineer. The architects agreed to the remaining issues; the importance of having a contract, the use of the Bagley-Keene Act for CCIDC Board meetings and the examination being left to the discretion of CCIDC.

May 23rd: Senate Appropriations Committee voted 7 to 0 to pass SB308 it has now moved on to the Assembly.

SB308 is a committee bill. The committee asked for a Stakeholders meeting but at this time there has been no “official” public stakeholders meetings.

Doug Stead, Executive Director, CCIDC, Inc, said, “CCIDC feels that, at this point in the process, they got everything they asked for in the Sunset Review report that we presented.” The clarifying language for all intents and purposes is 95% of what we recommended and asked for. They took out “high rise commercial and high rise residential” and left it as basically “any building” as defined in Section 5538 of the architect’s practice act. Most importantly we got “horizontal exiting”; “rated corridors” and “reflected ceiling plans”, all of which have been bones of contention in the past with a few prominent building departments.

In addition to the clarifying language as the bill now stands we also have codification of the appellation “CID”, which will be protected under the unfair business practices act; the mandatory contract or letter of agreement; extension of the Sunset Review process for 4 years out to January 1, 2018; and something we didn’t ask for, the Bagley-Keene Open Meeting Act, however it does put us in line with all the state boards on the conduct of meetings. This last item we’ve been in compliance with for the most part since our inception as a board, so it does not present any problems.“

Original IDEX California Prep Class in 2013

Fall classes have been scheduled!  Prepare to take the California Interior Design Exam (IDEX California) or just refresh your knowledge. Participants will gain:

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CLCID Code & Regulations Reference Manual
for Interior Designers

screen_shot_2013_06_03_at_2-38-07_pmCLCID has the most complete Codes and Regulations Resource Manual for Interior Designers. We now include a comprehensive index that makes it easy for you to find any code or regulation that you might need for clarification on your project. Those who purchased a manual prior to the index being included will be receiving an email with information on obtaining a copy of the index or you can email to request your copy.

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CLCID Board Meeting

The next Board Meeting is July 9th from 9am – 3pm at BSH (Bosh, Thermador, Gaggenau Showroom) in Irvine, CA.  All CLCID Members are encouraged to attend the open portion of the meeting. Please let us know if you are planning on attending.

Support CLCID!

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  • Purchase the 2011 Code & Regulation Reference Manual, includes CALGreen.
  • Take our IDEX CA Prep Class – the “Original” with a demonstrated (98%) exam pass rate.

CLCID’s Board of Directors is an all volunteer staff that manages the day to day operations of our coalition. If you are interested in taking a more active role, apply for a board position and/or serve as an assistant. You can contact us at for more information.


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