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Hearing Date set for June 24, 2014
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It is with great concern for the future of our profession that we look at the affects of Assembly Bill AB2192.

On May 28, this bill was moved from the Assembly to the Senate for a vote. On June 11, it was assigned to the Senate committee for Transportation and Housing and is nowSB2192. This committee is Chaired by Senator Mark DeSaulnier of the 7th District.

AB2192 (Melendez) is a bill sponsored by the AIA California Council, which in its original form allowed for a peer review/self-certification system for architectural approval of plans, circumventing the current program approval of plans by local building departments. The peer review system in this bill covers commercial and residential interior design work identified under the CA Architects Practice Act.

The proposed legislation are likely steps toward the elimination of existing exemptions that allow non-licensed architects, designers and engineers to design and submit building plans for nonstructural and non-seismic construction permits.

SB2192 will cause confusion for the consumer by leading consumers to believe architects are more qualified because they can provide a more expedited permit review.
• The majority of residential interior design work is done by professionals other than architects.
• California would be one of a few states to consider the implementation of a peer review process. This bill is a solution in search of a problem.

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In a Letter from Assembly member Kevin Mullin to local Interior Designer Lilley Yee, in response to her letter in opposition to this legislation, Mullin stated:

“This bill was voted on and passed by the Assembly on May 28, 2014. It is currently in Senate awaiting assignment. I voted for this bill on the Assembly Committee on Local Government on May 7, 2014 and on the Assembly Floor on May 28, 2014.

Thank you again for sharing your input with me. Although I regret that we are unable to agree on the merits of this legislation, I hope you will continue to contact me regarding state issues of concern to you.”

It is clear that our Government Representatives must hear our voices.


Letters, Letters, Letters

We did not have an opportunity to influence the bill on the floor, but we will have our best opportunity when the bill is heard in the second house (Senate). We will be working with other opposition groups to strategize and coordinate testimony.A letter campaign targeting constituents of the members of the Senate policy committee will be most effective.

Things move quickly and unexpectedly in Sacramento.
Call and write them today.
There is strength in numbers. Stay informed, connected, and educated. Share this with other professionals and encourage others to join.


All Interior Design Organizations are in agreement to oppose this Legislation.
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While traveling in South Africa Patti Morrow, President of Interior Design Protection Council, has been left with extensive injuries following a horrific car crash. A truck broad-sided the car she and her brother were traveling in and Patti took the greatest impact.
Unable to travel on a commercial airline, due to her extensive injuries she is now stuck in South Africa. Morrow has been a great supporter of our cause to defend our right to practice our profession. A fund has been started to help with appropriate transportation back to the states so her sister can care for her through her recovery.
Your support would be appreciated.
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Our next Executive Board meeting is September 12 in Southern California. Join us to learn what we do to support Interior Design Professionals. See how you could like to make a difference in the future of this vibrant industry.For more information contact: president

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