CLCID DirecLink newsletter March 2015 (2)

Successful Efforts in Collaboration
“Walk The Capitol” Event

On Thursday, March 12th, members of the California Legislative Coalition for Interior Design (CLCID) and the Interior Design Coalition of California (IDCC) had their first ever “Walk the Capitol” event. It was a tremendous success – not only because it was the first time our Associations worked together for a common cause, Protecting All Interior Designers Right to Practice, but because it gave us the opportunity to meet with members of the Senate and Assembly Business and Professions Committee as a united voice.

We met at 9:30am and were briefed by Erin Evans-Fudem, Susan Stuart’s assistant, on the protocols of meeting with the Legislators. After reviewing our “Talking Points”, we were given folders to leave with the Legislators containing information on CLCID & IDCC, examples of commercial and residential plans, our “talking points”, as well as a list of California Codes that are relevant to the Interior Designers Right to Practice. We then broke up into three teams made up of both CLCID and IDCC members and were given six Legislators (or their aids) to visit during the day. We had a break for lunch catered by Ambrosia Cafe, giving the teams an opportunity to share their successes and to strategize for the afternoon meetings. At the end of the day, we reconvened and all of the teams reviewed their visitations.

Below are some of the comments made by the participating members:

  • “Legislators are beginning to know what we do.”
  • “It was enlightening to learn that few people really understand the scope of work that professional Interior Designers provide on projects for code impacted environments, and rewarding to educate our legislators on the extent of knowledge on which Certified Designers are tested.”
  • “Experiencing the Capitol Walk as a collaborative effort was such a joy. IDCC and CLCID joined forces to meet with legislators with a common message. We needed to let the legislators know who we are, what we do and how they can support us.”
  • “Most assemblyman aides did not know the difference between a designer and a decorator. Though, Assemblyman Brian Jones from Santee (District 71) was very clear. His wife is a decorator who is looking into becoming a designer. He used the term of making her “legit“. He asked if she could contact me about the steps to become a Professional Interior Designer.
  • “Incredible collaboration and common cause with IDCC. IDCC members face all of the same issues as CLCID members face. Excellent opportunity to educate the legislative staff on the roles and scope of a designer. Seems the issue of testing for certification has become a much smaller issue. Breaking into teams and Susan’s efforts were instrumental in the success of the day.”
  • “It was a wonderful day to witness the collaboration with IDCC and to educate the legislators together as ‘one voice’.”

We are looking forward to doing this again, possibly later in the year. Our thanks go out to Susan Stuart (Capitol Advisors) IDCC’s Legislative Lobbyist, her assistant Erin Evans-Fudem, and to Linda Panattoni, CLCID’s Legislative Advocate, who all worked hard to put this event together.


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