how to choose a qualified interior designer to work with

How To Choose A Qualified Interior Designer To Work With

With more and more people pursuing interior design careers, the key for those in the building, design and remodeling industry is knowing how to choose a properly qualified interior designer to work with. Certified interior designer focus on creating stylish, comfortable and functional living and working environments, whether in homes, green spaces or corporate offices.

Interior designers can be found working in a variety of settings, whether as part of a design firm, or as sole contractors. While creativity, artistic flair and an eye for detail are some of the essential characteristics of a great designer, much more is required to become a professional certified interior designer. Knowing how to identify a certified and experienced interior designer can help you achieve the best chance of success in your project.

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A certified interior designer will have undergone some period of formal interior design education,depending on their area of expertise and specialization.

A range of different levels and modes of training offer designers the opportunity to develop the ingenuity, technical proficiency, and business sense that it takes to be successful. Interior design schools offer programs from the associate to doctoral level, and professional certificates are also available to be studied for specializations and for continuing education. In order to fulfil the criteria for professional certification, designers should hold at least a Bachelor’s degree, and this is the standard for most agencies and employers when it comes to interior design education.

Design Experience

On the job experience is not only crucial for you to see work samples as a potential client, it is also a requirement for professional certification. Choose to work with a professional designer that has at least 2 years of on the job experience, which is also the requirement for a designer to undergo professional accreditation. Some new designers may take on pro bono contracts in order to help build their portfolio and gain experience. It’s important to consider whether this option might be useful for you or appropriate to your project when choosing between a more or less experienced designer.

Choosing a Licensed Professional

California requires designers who wish to use the title of ‘certified interior designer’ to undergo professional licensing, which in California is awarded after taking the California Council for Interior Design Certification (CCIDC) exam. As previously mentioned, to qualify for the exam students should have a Bachelor’s degree and 2 years of on the job training.

In California, it’s also possible to undertake IDEX exam prep classes that provide detailed and in-depth training on all subjects involved in the exam, including knowledge of building codes, review of business practices, knowledge of professional ethics and interior design fundamentals.

By choosing a professional interior designer who has undergone this stringent certification process, you can be assured that your designer will have a thorough knowledge of relevant building codes, health and safety features and the principles of interior design, to help make your project a success.

Choosing a qualified, experienced and certified interior designer gives you the best opportunity of creating beautiful and functional spaces that match your business standards and goals for quality.

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