The ‘Outdoors Indoors’ Trend That’s Taking Over Home Design

With interior design trends moving towards green design, environmental sustainability, and healthier indoor spaces, nature has never been more important. Over the last few years, California interior design has focused on how to make the home and natural environment blend more harmoniously, creating outstanding outcomes for built spaces and the people who live and work in them. There’s something organically calming about living and working in a natural environment, and interior designers who understand these benefits are incorporating this into home and office design. Here we look at more ways interior design can help to take the indoors out and bring the outdoors in with this innovative new trend.


Highlighting the concept of bringing the outdoors in or taking the indoors out is ‘transteriors’ – the new buzzword in interior design that’s all about blending the line between your home and the great outdoors. Seamlessly integrating your indoor space with nature, utilizing clever interior design ideas that allow your living areas to flow effortlessly into the outdoors, gives you more space in which to entertain, live, and enjoy.

Creating open plan living and dining areas has been a long-term trend, and so has creating outdoor entertaining areas to utilize as additional entertaining space. But the current ‘indoors outdoors’ trend seeks to integrate these even further.

Home design may utilize folding or sliding doors that allow these spaces to merge when opened, or enclosed patios or sunrooms that add sheltered living space to your home for a minimal investment. Extending your living space by integrating indoor areas with outdoor sheltered space can also add value to your home, while still requiring less investment that a room addition or remodel. A certified interior designer can evaluate the design and features of your current home to help create a plan for integrating your indoor and outdoor spaces for a more open, natural feel.

Adding A Sunroom

One of the primary ways to bring the outdoors indoors and add extra living space to your home is by adding a sunroom or connecting your outdoors entertaining area to your home by enclosing it. This helps to create a seamless view of the outside environment while retaining warmth and keeping you sheltered against the weather in an enclosed room. Working with an interior designer can help you find the best outdoors inside solution for your unique home design and goals.

Bringing More Greenery In

Even if you can’t change the actual structure of your home, you can still take advantage of these interior design trends to bring more of the outdoors in by including more greenery in your interior space. ‘Green walls’ and ‘living art’ have become popular interior features, where greenery takes pride of place in creating attraction and interest inside the home. Your local interior designer can help you to add a green wall or skillfully create pockets of indoor greenery to create a more beautiful, healthy, and appealing home.

Designing your home to bring the outdoors inside helps to create a space that is both versatile and uplifting, while adding value to your home and providing a healthy, natural feel.


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