how to prepare for the IDEX exam

How To Prepare For The California Idex Exam

Taking the California IDEX exam is one of the essential steps in the process of becoming a certified interior designer. In order to pass the exam and assure accreditation, you should properly study and prepare for the exam. An education in interior design and practical design experience will help build your knowledge and design skills. However, targeted IDEX exam study and preparation gives you a better chance of passing on your first time. Here we look at some of the preparation you can do to best equip you to pass the California IDEX exam.

Prepare For Interior Design Certification

In the process of qualifying for certification as an interior designer, it is essential that you undertake interior design training and a period of practical experience. These two essential steps towards qualifying for the title of certified interior designer also help you prepare for the IDEX exam. Be sure to choose an appropriate education course and undertake your practical experience before taking the exam.

The original IDEX prep class - CLCIDAttend IDEX Classes

IDEX exam preparation classes can greatly improve your chances of passing the IDEX exam on your first attempt. The California Legislative Coalition for Interior Design offers expertly run IDEX exam preparation classes to help you learn all the material necessary for the exam. The CLCID Original IDEX CA® Prep Classes have been shown to produce a 97% pass rate for students. The classes are run by professional certified designers and are programmed to cover the essential knowledge of building codes, business practices, professional ethics and design fundamentals. With these classes run online or in person, you can get the flexibility, as well as the support and commitment you need to succeed.

Get an IDEX Study Guide

There’s no doubt that putting in time revising material and working through a study guide will help you succeed on the IDEX exam. IDEX exam study guides collate the information that you need to know in one resource, making them ideal study aides for the IDEX exam. Purchase a study guide with exam content and sample questions to help you prepare.

Complete Practice Quizzes

Once you have built a solid base of knowledge regarding the exam materials, it’s helpful to work through practice exams. Try to complete these practice exams or quizzes under exam conditions and timing. This will help you get used to the type of questions that will be asked, while allowing you to hone your exam technique.

Talk to a Certified Interior Design Mentor

Talking to a certified interior designer as a coach or mentor can be extremely useful when you need to clarify difficult points or revise design knowledge before your exam. Get in contact with a local interior designer to help you clarify difficult points and revise essential knowledge.

On the path to becoming a certified interior designer, passing the California IDEX exam is an essential step. By preparing wisely, taking classes, consulting a study guide and receiving assistance from a professional mentor, you will have the best chance of succeeding on your IDEX exam attempt.


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